High & Low Voltage Protectors with Digital Display

The new product of Micro Controller based High & Low Voltage Protector with (Digital Display) 100% protection from High & Low Voltage Fluctuations. At present, in the market available stabilizers are almost 95% of the stabilizers are dummy stabilizers including branded company stabilizers also.

Instead of dummy stabilizers it is better to use the High & Low Voltage Protector. At least we can Save / Protect the valuable products TV, Fridge, AC, Washing Machine etc. From High & Low Voltage functions at very low cost.


  1. Micro controlled & SMPS based integrated power supply
  2. Input & output voltage display
  3. High / Low voltage cut-off
  4. Intelligent Time Delay
  5. Short circuit protection
  6. 100 % protection from High/Low voltage fluctuation

  1. Applicable for TV, Fridge, AC, Washing Machine etc. and for all house appliances
  2. Ranges available from, 200 VA to 30 KVA
  3. Single & Three Phase
  4. Buzzer indication for on/off and cutoff
  5. Display on/off facility
  6. ITD bypass switch

Single & Three Phase Voltage Protectors